Poker Heros

Poker heroes and villains

Poker heroes and villains When it comes to watching sports on television or in person, it’s all about me. I want to be entertained. I want Poker heroes and villains. I want to have someone to cheer, and someone to boo. I want to laugh. I want to curse. And every now and again I…

Cash Tournaments

Happy Friday! More Cash Tournaments Added!

Happy Friday! More Cash Tournaments Added! We’re happy to announce the addition of the following cash tournaments, in addition to our existing poker cash tournament schedule… Saturday: $50 Cash Tournament – 9am PT / 12pm ET $20 Cash Tournament – 2pm PT / 5pm ET $100 Cash Tournament – 4pm PT / 7pm ET $10…

Big poker weekend winners

Congrats to our big weekend winners!!

We had a great weekend at Cafrino. Were you a part of the winners list? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win a Level 10 invite! $200.00 michealow $100.00 pecosking $80.00 davydog $50.00 arson112 $40.00 crazy6666 $40.00 ugetair $30.00 Squidless $20.00 poollady $20.00 CardQueen $20.00 Quints $20.00 RobotDr $20.00 Jamescarpenter $18.00…