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Cafrino Social Gaming and Entertainment

Cafrino, a developer and publisher of online social games, offers subscription and ad-supported games. We create value for customers, employees and shareholders by developing and monetizing innovative social gaming content.

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Fun and Challenging Environment

We’ve taken a unique approach to provide a challenging game environment. It may be free… but you’ll need to win your way to the big games. Earn your way to the top!
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High Advertising Completion Rates

We’ve partnered with top advertising networks, which provide advertising for display before and during gameplay.
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Players Stay Engaged

To make it to the top, it take practice and time. Our time-on-device is 67 minutes per player, per day… making our games a fantastic opportunity for advertisers.
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Competitive Games

With our approach to the game structure, players play as if they were playing with their own money. Players need to be competitive to maintain their standings.

Innovative Social Gaming Experiences

Cafrino solves the key problems advertisers and social gamers are facing.

Our games are engaging, and built to deliver a non-obtrusive advertisement experience. This means current players are sticking around longer, and more consistently, and new users are flocking to our games. The global game industry is fast-growing and exceeded expected  growth ($179 billion) in 2020. Mobile gaming alone is over $50 billion, and total gaming to exceed $196 billion by 2022
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The Cafrino Executive Team

Mike Murphy

Mike Murphy


Michael has led some of the most notable gaming products to success. Working with some of the most recognizable brands, including Sony Online, Sony Pictures, Lucas Arts and Fox Interactive, his experience includes management, marketing, creative and product development.
John Buckman

John Buckman

VP of Partnerships

John is the founder/co-founder of multiple startup companies to which he lends a variety of services, including legal, compliance, operations, business development and marketing. John is a practicing corporate attorney with more than 20 years of transactional experience.
Stan Hunting

Stan Hunting

VP of Advertising Operations

Having led strategic marketing initiatives and advertising operations for more than 15 years, Stan brings an exceptional skill level in publisher monetization, data analysis and performance marketing. Stan started his career in digital advertising in 2001, and joined National League of Poker in 2009.

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