Cafrino On Top Startup List for 2021

Cafrino is looking forward to a promising new year as a top startup after having a great 2020. Steps were made in player acquisition, revenue and prizes even in the face of the pandemic. Cafrino is proud to say that over $400,000 was given away in prizes on one of their products, National League of…

challenges in 2021

Challenges in 2021 for Mobile Gaming

With the huge growth for mobile gaming in 2020, there are some new challenges in 2021 that need to be taken into consideration. Among these challenges are new laws and more competition between companies for users. In this analysis written by Andrey Mikhlin for Pocket Gamer, these challenges are brought to light. Here are some…

customer experience

The Importance of Customer Experience in Mobile Gaming

Customer experience is extremely important in mobile gaming. Convenience is at the utmost importance to mobile gamers, therefore support must be ample and quick. In excerpts from this article by Shawna Wolverton on TechCrunch, she discusses how support affects the customer experience, translating to value.  “Mobile gaming in particular has a set of unique challenges.…

online casino

Innovations Leading to Online Casino Growth

2020 has been a huge year for all digital arenas, especially online casino growth. In this article from The Game Haus, we can analyze the innovative forces behind this. The incredible technological advancements and the high demand for esports betting as well as other forms of online gambling, made the e-gaming and online casino industry…


Twitch Versus Facebook Gaming

Amazon’s Twitch versus Facebook Gaming you may ask? They have become the biggest names in video game live streaming. This is since YouTube Gaming app has come to an end. All different types of users can benefit from video game live streaming. Passive observer who just wants to watch people play games online? Or aspiring…


New PS5 and XBox Pair with Smartphones

Did you know that you can pair your PS5 and Xbox controllers with your smartphone? Using bluetooth, they can wirelessly pair to play games like Call of Duty on the go. Read more in this article from TechRadar. “The new consoles are finally out, and if you’ve been lucky enough to snag one, you’re now…

gen z

Gen Z and Gaming

Generation Z, or “Gen Z,” is the most technology savvy generation. Since birth they have been involved in the digital world. From being on social media applications, to texting, they almost always have their smartphones on them. How does this effect Gen Z and mobile gaming? Mobile Marketing Magazine explores these effects in this report.…

gaming smartphone

Best Gaming Smartphones

Smartphones are in a race to become the best device for handheld gaming. There are many options out there, so selecting a gaming phone can be a difficult undertaking. Slashgear has provided a list of the five best gaming smartphones and their features, hopefully this can help! Asus ROG Phone 3 When speaking of gaming…