women poker players

Top Women Poker Players

In honor of women’s history month, Cafrino would like to honor some of the top women poker players. With National League of Poker as our product, we have noticed our many talented lady players frequently winning championships and large cash games. Without any further ado, here is a list of the all time top ranked…

themes in gaming

The Importance of Themes in Gaming

Themes in gaming are often overlooked, but can be the most important aspect long term. Choosing a theme is extremely difficult. Trends change everyday, and themes can determine who the fans will be. Appealing to the majority or a niche trend is the biggest decision. In this article from PocketGamer, Rimmy Spanjer analyzes the issues…


Digital Product Manager Role

Cafrino is hiring a Digital Product Manager! This Digital Product Manager role isn’t exactly typical, so we decided to write an article and get more specific. The ideal fit for this position is someone who is experienced in live and online poker. The world of legal online poker is the main focus of Cafrino currently,…

social gaming

Social Mobile Gaming Trends

Social mobile gaming is taking over the gaming industry. Social gaming is fun for everyone involved, and allows users to stay in touch with friends from a distance. Playing in groups with friends, or just one on one, has never been so convenient. With technology rapidly changing, it is no surprise that new trends emerge…

poker industry

The Poker Industry in 2021

The poker industry was greatly affected by the pandemic of 2020. It is yet to be determined how 2021 will be, as a vaccine is being distributed currently (as of February). Mo Nuwwarah of PokerNews wrote an article about his predictions included in the following excerpts.  Not Hopeful for Major Live Events “The year 2020…

virtual pro bowl

2021 Pro Bowl Goes Virtual

For 2021, the Pro Bowl is going virtual. The NFC and AFC players are going against each other in the game Madden NFL 21. This is huge news as it shows that the NFL is fully embracing the E sports wave. Depending on the numbers for this Pro Bowl, we can guess that big updates…


Cafrino On Top Startup List for 2021

Cafrino is looking forward to a promising new year as a top startup after having a great 2020. Steps were made in player acquisition, revenue and prizes even in the face of the pandemic. Cafrino is proud to say that over $400,000 was given away in prizes on one of their products, National League of…

challenges in 2021

Challenges in 2021 for Mobile Gaming

With the huge growth for mobile gaming in 2020, there are some new challenges in 2021 that need to be taken into consideration. Among these challenges are new laws and more competition between companies for users. In this analysis written by Andrey Mikhlin for Pocket Gamer, these challenges are brought to light. Here are some…

customer experience

The Importance of Customer Experience in Mobile Gaming

Customer experience is extremely important in mobile gaming. Convenience is at the utmost importance to mobile gamers, therefore support must be ample and quick. In excerpts from this article by Shawna Wolverton on TechCrunch, she discusses how support affects the customer experience, translating to value.  “Mobile gaming in particular has a set of unique challenges.…