5g network

Will 5G Network Disappoint?

Apple on Tuesday announced the iPhone 12, the first Apple smartphone with 5G network enabled technology that eventually will let data flow at much faster speeds.  “Today is the beginning of a new era for iPhone,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said. “This is a huge moment for all of us.”  But not exactly a huge…

handheld gaming

Handheld Gaming Here to Stay

Handheld gaming consoles have been around, in some format or another, for over 40 years now. First created by Smith Engineering at the close of the 1970s – a strong decade for what was, at the time, a new, budding industry – we have seen innumerable advancements and reiterations of this portable and versatile device.…


Technologies Transforming Gaming

It is true that modern electronic games owe their existence to advances in technologies. However, rapidly evolving  technologies are helping to push the limit of what games can accomplish, all the while making them more entertaining, visually stunning and creative. Technological advances have pushed exponential growth throughout the industry and newer, sleeker technologies are always…


The Rise of Esports

Esports has grabbed the attention of more than just the gaming industry, and for good reason. The industry’s rapid rise has benefited from numerous omnichannel platforms that allow for unprecedented viewership and engagement from a diverse audience. With the “new abnormal” defined by Covid-19, esports has proven that media consumption is not just about what…


Rewarded Advertising and Mobile Gaming

Rewarded advertising is a great way to generate revenue within mobile apps. Read on from this article from Forbes for more information on the direction mobile gaming is going. Gaming Apps in 2020 Gaming apps are experiencing their biggest year yet, fueled by record levels of app downloads and consumer spending.  Mobile app usage across…

mobile gaming

Why Mobile Gaming is More Popular in 2020

The way that people around the world play games has changed dramatically over the years. As new technology is invented, it is incorporated into the latest games, consoles, and devices that power these games. One of the most innovative developments in the gaming industry over the years comes in the form of mobile gaming.  While…