Refer your friends for a Cafrino Chip Bonus!

We’re now offering bonuses for referring players. At the moment, the referral bonus is 200 Cafrino Chips per referred player. The referred player must play at least 10 hands of poker. We may adjust the referral bonus over time, and we will run promotions for 2x, 3x referral bonuses… read more

Pre-Flop Hand Reading

Improving Your Poker Game: Pre-Flop Hand Reading Understanding hand ranges helps you figure out what might be sitting in your opponent’s hand, and keeping track of hand combinations lets you calculate the various probabilities when playing poker games. Remember that you’re not playing against robots or computers like it sometimes happens when you’re in the…

A message from the CEO

First, let me thank you all for playing on Cafrino. We appreciate every one of our players. We try to make that point clear in all communications, whether it’s social media (Facebook andTwitter) or customer service and support. Our goal is to bring a completely legal… Read more

California Online Poker Bill Passes Through Committee

Committee vote marks historic milestone in California history. In the seven years since California has been considering online poker legislation, a vote has never been taken on an online poker bill. On Monday, that streak was broken as the California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee cast 19 affirmative votes to pass Chairman Adam Gray’s AB 431.…

How to Make Tricky Flops Profitable

When you’re playing online poker and you get caught in the throes of a tricky flop, it’s easy to panic. However, the way you react to these situations dictates whether you end up winning the pot or having to shake your head yet again and hope for better luck the next time. Here are some…