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Cafrino Level 10

An easier way to win your way to the $500 Cafrino Level 10!

An easier way to win your way to the $500 Cafrino Level 10!

Hi Cafrino Players,

Now there’s a much easier way to get to the $500 Cafrino Level 10. Are you aware that you can buy and sell Cafrino Tickets in the Cafrino Marketplace? You can find the Marketplace link in the dropdown under your username.

1. Sign into your Cafrino account
2. Click your username
3. Scroll down to find the “Marketplace” link
4. Click the link and find the options to buy or sell Level Tickets

It’s that easy! Sell your tickets for chips, or buy your way into the higher level games.

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Good luck at the tables!

xo Petra

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Multi level thinking in poker

Multiple Level Thinking: Levels Of Thought In Poker

Multiple Level Thinking: Levels Of Thought In Poker

Anyone who’s involved in poker games has to remain focused on coming up with the best way to out-think the opposition. This means seeing several steps ahead of where you are – just like you would if you were a champion chess player. This is why players that win real cash have the analytical mind to take a look at situations objectively and then take the right action at the right time. If you can’t put together different things in your mind to view a more detailed picture of how each hand ends up, you will not make a lot of money when you play poker. It’s essential to be able to figure out why opponents are doing what they are doing in a game if you are going to win. If you can use that to determine what your opponent is probably holding, you can make the best decisions for each situation.

Here is a look at some of the different levels of thought that you should apply to poker. In his book “NL Texas Hold’em Theory and Practice,” David Sklansky introduced an idea called “Multiple Level Thinking,” and here are the categories he came up with:

Level 0: No thinking

Level 1: What do I have?

Level 2: What do they have?

Level 3: What do they think I have?

Level 4: What do they think I think they have?

Level 5: What do they think I think they think I have?

Once you get beyond that complexity, you’ve left the vast majority of the poker players in the world behind. However, if you look at those levels, you can probably guess that the newest players to the game are probably at Levels 0 or 1. The very best players in the world can operate at Level 4 and 5 – if not even higher.

Level 0 – these are your newest players (or those who have taken too many drinks from the waitresses).

Level 1 – This is still fairly basic. This includes players who are still getting all of the rules down but are pretty familiar with the different ranks of hands. So they spend most of their time determining the strength of their hand and whether they can win overall. They won’t bluff well because they’ll only be thinking of their own hands instead of considering the hands of others.

Level 2 – This is the most common category. Some experienced players are in here, but they haven’t yet started winning regularly. They will think about what their opponent is likely to have in his hand, but they don’t have enough game knowledge yet to make the right play on the basis of the situation’s strategy or the math involved.

Level 3 – These players start to win more regularly because they are always focusing on what their opponents are thinking, and so they can pick up the right time to bluff and the best amount for a value bet more frequently. The difference between playing at Level 2 and at Level 3 is the difference between winning and losing regularly.

Level 4 – Now things are getting complex. However, the best players will be able to manage these thought processes. It’s less likely to need this to win, but you can win more often if you can get here.

Level 5 – If you come across someone who is this ingenious, you need to pick a different table.

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New York Online Poker

2016 Online Poker Legalization in New York?

It hasn’t been California or Pennsylvania grabbing the most attention on the online poker front this month. The state of New York, which has flirted with regulating the online card game for a few years now, appears poised for a real run in 2016.

There is already stand-alone online poker legislation on the table, and the proposal is also part of a possible budget deal. The state’s current urgency with regards to daily fantasy sports legislation could speed up the process of getting online poker approved, whether on its own or in an omnibus measure. Both DFS and poker stand to benefit from being skill-based games.

New York authorized a few new brick-and-mortar casinos in order to help struggling upstate economies, and it was said at an online poker hearing last year that bringing the card game to the Internet likely wouldn’t happen until the new casinos are built. However, that might not be the case anymore. According to a report from GamblingCompliance, one of the online poker proponents in the Empire State’s legislature said there might be motivation to get it done this year.

Assembly Member Gary Pretlow, Chairman of the New York Assembly Racing and Wagering Committee, told GamblingCompliance: “If I can get assurances that the brick-and-mortar operations are all a part of it, then we will probably move the bill this year.”

Another indicator that New York might be ready to regulate an online casino game is the fact that on Tuesday the State Assembly passed a bill legalizing mixed martial arts, which is expected to be signed by the governor. New York would be the last state in the country to legalize MMA. AsThe New York Times pointed out, the state is warming to activities that it once viewed as illicit.

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Big poker weekend winners

Another Great Weekend of Poker at Cafrino

Congrats to our big weekend winners!! We had a great weekend at Cafrino. Were you a part of it?

$200.00 Bravelassie
$100.00 ooch44
$70.00 tayyalyse
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$40.00 stackedlaundry
$40.00 vldiii
$35.00 moneybags
$35.00 Allrc1
$30.00 irlirl
$20.00 jtgusc
$20.00 aapes1310
$20.00 jabrad
$20.00 AlwaysfoldAA
$20.00 Bunkermaster
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$20.00 firefly
$20.00 mikerfone2
$16.00 vernsmith
$15.00 4flusher
$12.50 Dave5491
$10.00 nobluffs
$10.00 Arrowslinger
$10.00 theblock
$10.00 vironas
$10.00 Cocopuff25
$10.00 Shazam
$10.00 mikegruv
$10.00 WhtKnight49
$10.00 h2opro

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Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Legal online poker

The only 100% U.S. legal online poker

The only 100% U.S. legal online poker

Cafrino (pronounced kuhfree-noh) is considered legal because it’s classified as a “contest,” rather than a form of gambling. How is this possible while providing REAL CASH prizes? Cafrino NEVER requires a deposit from our players, and is always 100% FREE to play. When you play on Cafrino, you’re not wagering your own money so technically there is no risk for the player. Our tournament prize pools come from sponsored advertisements, NOT from players. These little loopholes allow Cafrino to be classified as a contest, which is why Cafrino is 100% legal in all fifty states… and the ONLY one of it’s kind.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Cafrino Poker Metagame

Poker Metagame Explained!

Poker Metagame: What Is The Meta Game In Poker?

When you hear poker players talk about the “metagame,” they are referring to the game going on inside poker. This refers to a decision or play that you make that you have chosen on the basis of external knowledge instead of just fundamental strategy. Every time you choose a play that violates the basics of mathematic strategy in poker, you are likely using meta game strategy in that process.

The metagame has nothing to do with cards, stacks of chips, poker games or bet sizes. Instead, it has to do with the possible results of your actions and overall game play at that time in the hand, with an eye towards maximizing your profits over time.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you spend a few hours every day on a legal online poker site and you’ve been playing just a short time at this table. You’re in the middle of a hand against someone that you don’t know much at all about and have found yourself at the river with an iffy hand, and the bet is of a moderate size. The math of poker tells you that the call is not going to bring you profits.

However, the metagame takes a different look at this. There are two reasons why you should call at this point anyway. First, you give yourself the image of a loose player at the table. People are more likely later on to think that you’re liberal in your calls and may try to take advantage of that. Second, you get to see what your opponent has. This can show you, later on, the sort of person you are playing against. Even if you lose now, that information could well come in handy later as you understand his style of play more completely.

A third advantage is that even though you are making a weak play on this hand, you’re giving the other players the idea that you are a less than sensible player who calls down river bets even with almost nothing in your hand. This means that your opponents could respect your bets later on – and give you the chance to pull in some big pots as time goes by.

So even though this play didn’t make sense and ended up costing you a little money, the information that you gather – and the impression that you leave about yourself – could end up benefiting you later in the game, and you may take away several large pots because of the impressions that people have made about you – and what you have learned about your opponent from what he was holding.

There are a couple things to think about here:

The metagme is best to use against people you know. Obviously, you’re using it initially to gain information, but if you’re continually playing against new people, sticking with the mathematical choices is better. The more you know an opponent, though, the more metagame information you have.

Also, don’t use this as a reason just to make poor plays or spend your bankroll hitting the online poker tables. Use some moderation when making plays that are mathematically unlikely to work, even if you are just looking for a way out of a bad streak.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Value Betting vs. Bluffing

Poker 101: Value Betting vs. Bluffing

A lot of times you’ll see players who are new to no-limit online poker have one simple reason for making bets and raises: it has something to do with confidence that they had the best hand at the table.

Quite often this will work, particularly when you’re playing against low-skill players. There are all kinds of reasons to call if you’re a poor player with a lousy hand. This means that if you believe that you have the best hand, if you bet and raise, you are likely to succeed. However, if you’re playing against highly skilled players, raising with the best hand isn’t always the best idea, even more if you’re playing real money poker. To understand this, let’s take a look at an example.

Let’s say you’re in a legal online poker site and that you’re playing against an aggressive, tight opponent who makes a button raise. You have the King of Hearts and the Queen of Diamonds, and you three-bet him. He folds, and you carry away the pot.

But why did you three-bet with a KQ? You probably thought you had the best hand the majority of the time. That particular opponent had been stealing about a third of the time, which means that he’s doing it with some trash in his hand from time to time. You figured him for a decent player, which means that he folds a lot of the time. But why would you raise to get him to fold with a hand that was already worse than yours? If it’s worse, wouldn’t you want him to add more to the pot before leaving?

If you know that your hand is better, you want to keep the opponent in there with you instead of intimidating him away. The idea is to put the right bed to put the opponent there to call and follow his draw with faulty odds, rather than throwing the whole stack in and knocking him away.

After all, if you’re holding a KQ, and you look at his steal range (about 33%), you’ll realize that KQ will win about 52 percent of the time. So you were holding a favorite hand, but you weren’t holding a dominant favorite. The reason is that the range your opponent was stealing on includes hands with an Ace. Even a pocket pair is already ahead of you. So you were ahead of that range, but not by much. In fact, many possible hands for him were still ahead of you. So what should you do now?

Also, what else might he do against a three-bet? In the example, he folded. So in a way, that three-bet was really a bluff instead of a value bet. You were trying to get him to fold, in reality, when he might well have had a better hand that what you did. That’s a great result if you can get it – but you can’t consider it a value bet.

So what is the difference between a value bet and a bluff? A bluff is a bet that you make to get people who would probably beat you at call to fold without seeing your cards. A value bet is a calculation that you make on the basis of what you have – and what others likely have – to get the best outcome mathematically. There is some overlap, but if you’re not in a strong position, you use that bluff to get clear of danger.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Big poker weekend winners

Legal Online Poker Pays Off!

Congrats to our big weekend winners!!

We had a great weekend at Cafrino. Were you a part of it?

$200.00 haljen
$100.00 kaminmn
$70.00 ooch44
$50.00 rockesq
$40.00 jabrad
$40.00 poollady
$35.00 Siriusgreen
$35.00 TinyDuke
$30.00 TommyGe
$20.00 merouno13
$20.00 Novathree
$20.00 memelan
$20.00 xLranaBobbittx
$20.00 NanaJohn
$20.00 Faceman0808
$20.00 vanni9283
$16.00 eztrekker
$15.00 shelter
$12.50 jimmythegreek209
$10.00 8srbetr
$10.00 TossUpKing
$10.00 flipflop
$10.00 3outer
$10.00 xxfjmxx
$10.00 jaammeess
$10.00 TWIST404

And special shout out to michealow, who wins our Level 10 Bubble Boy award (a free ticket to the next Level 10 game).Join us all week long for cash tournaments daily!

Cafrino Poker Cracking Down on Cheaters

Here at Cafrino we take pride in the fact that we can provide a %100 legal online poker site that pays real cash prizes. And although we hate to say it, we have found a few players that have tried to abuse our system. Please understand that we take all reports of cheating, automatic or otherwise, very seriously and we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity our our service.

A few things to note:

  1. We do allow up to two players per household. However, both players will be required to prove their identity.
  2. If an account is flagged, it does not necessarily mean that we think it is connected with fraudulent activity. However, it does mean that the player should contact us to answer any questions and/or provide proof of identity.
  3. In some cases, a player may be required to provide more than just a photo ID.
  4. The investigation process is sometimes extensive. We ask for your patience during the process.
  5. If we discover fraudulent activity (or any cheating), any and all accounts in question will be banned and prior winnings will be revoked.

Please review our Terms of Service for any specific questions.

Thanks, and good luck!

Taking advantage of poker outs

Poker Outs: What they are and how to take advantage of them

If you are playing any type of online poker game that features more than one round, then you should start paying attention to the “Outs”. So let’s start by explaining the concept. An “out” is an unseen card that, if you draw it, it will increase your chances of ending up with a winning hand. If you know how many “outs” there are, you have a leg up in terms of poker strategy. For example, if you have Ace-2-3-4 (but if different suits), you have four “outs” to a straight, as there are four 5s that would finish that for you. If your Ace-2-3-4 are all the same suit, you have four “outs” to a straight and one “out” to a straight flush, as the matching 5 would give you that straight flush.

Sometimes you will see players using the number of outs to describe that drawing hand. They might say they had a “three-outer” to describe a hand that needed one of only three cards to become a winner. If you hold 5-8 (different suits), there are eight “outs” to a straight, because you only need one 4 or one 9 to show up, and there are four of each in the deck.

So how do you make the best use of them? You normally will figure this out after the flop is dealt. At some times, they can become important before the flop as well. If you end up AA pre-flop, you have more outs out there than anyone else, so in pot limit and no limit games where it is possible to manipulate the pot odds, outs like that can mean it’s time to raise pre-flop and get an advantage by pushing the odds in your favor.

Then, you want to figure out the number of cards are left in the deck after the flop that would give you what you want. If you are sitting AA and there aren’t any on the flop, there are two remaining – giving you two outs. You might not need either of them to win or to have top hand at the river. If you have two clubs pre-flop, and you see two pop up on the flop, you only need one more for the flush. There are nine clubs left in the deck, so there are nine outs for you. So figuring out the number of outs that you have is crucial for your strategy, even more if you’re playing real money poker or if you’re trying to win real cash.

Once you see the number of outs you have at the flop, multiply that number by four to get the percentage of your odds of getting a needed card at the turn or river. So if you have nine outs, your odds are 36%. Two outs? Just 8 percent. So now it’s time to decide whether or not to call. If the pot is $500 and you have to call $250 to remain in, you’re asked to put half the pot in. If your odds are less than 50 percent, you might consider folding. If you only have to put $100 in, now that’s 20 percent. That’s a lot more reasonable if you have a 36% chance of getting the card that you need.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.