Big poker weekend winners

This Week’s Big Winner List

This Week’s Big Winner List!!

Here is our Big Winner list. We had a great weekend at Cafrino. Were you a part of it? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win a Level 10 invite!

$200.00 TODD420
$100.00 KarmaGrind
$80.00 joehit
$50.00 8srbetr
$40.00 bugsmom
$40.00 chipohoey
$40.00 freewheelinguy
$35.00 chip123
$30.00 skyhawk42
$20.00 troutman
$20.00 DOC1977
$20.00 Winddrake13500
$20.00 jjjppp
$20.00 JonathanShea
$20.00 doublebass
$20.00 Anniewho3
$20.00 1quickster4u
$18.00 magicbowlbob
$15.00 tazbell23
$12.50 brokeherman
$10.00 RIGGED68
$10.00 WildG1773
$10.00 MadBrad
$10.00 RDT3866
$10.00 lineman1
$10.00 jjjppp
$10.00 quietmike53

And special shout out to itsaces, who wins our Level 10 Bubble Boy award (a free ticket to the next Level 10 game). Join us all week long for cash tournaments daily for your shot at making the Big Winner List! Are you ready to put your skills on the line?  Click here to check it out.

Good luck at the tables!