A message from the CEO

First, let me thank you all for playing on Cafrino. We appreciate every one of our players. We try to make that point clear in all communications, whether it’s social media (Facebook andTwitter) or customer service and support. Our goal is to bring a completely legal… Read more

How to Beat Beginners at Poker

You might think that you shouldn’t need any skill to beat a beginner at the online poker tables, particularly if you have a number of months or years under your belt. Unfortunately, just as in any game, luck can play an important role, even if you’re the most seasoned player in the world. That guy…


Research Finds Internet Gambling “Not Predictive of Gambling Problems”

Scientific study indicates online gambling may have lower rate of problem gambling. In a new paper, Dr. Sally Gainsbury explores the relationship between online gambling and the newly defined medical condition of “disordered gambling.” She concludes that “internet gambling does not cause gambling problems in, and of, itself,” debunking the arguments presented by the Coalition…


California Online Poker Bill Passes Through Committee

Committee vote marks historic milestone in California history. In the seven years since California has been considering online poker legislation, a vote has never been taken on an online poker bill. On Monday, that streak was broken as the California Assembly Governmental Organization Committee cast 19 affirmative votes to pass Chairman Adam Gray’s AB 431.…


Profitable Situations in Tournament Poker

The transition from free poker to real money poker can be hard for novice players, but perhaps the best tip I can give to a newbie is to avoid passiveness and gain control of every situation, move or hand that can help ‘em to increase their bankroll. If you think about it, you’re already in…