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    Why should I play at Cafrino?

    Because Cafrino is the best! Seriously though, here are the top 5 reasons why Cafrino should be your new favorite online poker site: 1) Cafrino is always 100% FREE to play, which means there is no risk for the player! 2) You can win real CASH just by doing something you enjoy. What's better than that? 3) No hassle payments- you can cash out your winnings anywhere, anytime. You never have to worry about waiting months to get paid. 4) We handle technical issues promptly. The second you report it, we're working on fixing it! 5) We care about our players! As cheesy as it sounds, we really appreciate you guys and all we care about is making sure you have the best online poker experience you've ever had, period! If this isn't enough to convince you, come see for yourself! Sign up for Beta!!  

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    How do I make money and where does the money come from?

    This is a good question! First things first: you can win money by entering any of our tournaments that are in the "Registering" phase. When the tournament begins, it is up to you to compete against the other player(s) in the tournament and finish the tournament in a high enough spot to qualify for a cash prize. So where does the money come from? As you know by now, Cafrino is always 100% FREE to play. The money for our prizes comes from our unique method of accumulating advertising revenue from sponsors. For example, you'll notice some video advertisements prior to each tournament starting and also during breaks. We take the revenue from these advertisements and give a portion of it back to our players in the form of cash prizes.

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    Is there a limit to how much money I can make?

    Limit your winnings?! Now why would we do that? You are free to make as much money as you can. In fact, we WANT you to win money, and lots of it! It is the policy of the Site, and in compliance with United States Internal Revenue Service regulations, the Site may send an IRS Form 1099 or other appropriate form to any person who wins in excess of $599.99(USD) on the Site. However, we may require tax forms and identification at any time, including winnings under $599.99 (USD). Because we don't want Cafrino to land in any hot water, we will place a hold on any transfer of funds over $599 until you have submitted your W-9 and satisfied the eligibility requirements in the Conditions and Obligations section of our Terms of Service. You can be rest assured that we'll work with you to make this happen as quickly as possible so you can get your money ASAP.

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    Where are your Contest Rules and Privacy Policy pages?

    The latest version of our Rules can be found here, and the latest version of our Privacy Policy can be found here. If you have any questions that are not addressed here, feel free to email us by clicking here.

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    I have a great idea on how to improve Cafrino, who can I address this to?

    That's awesome! We would love to hear what you're thinking! Cafrino is a brand new service, and as such, we'll be constantly adding new components to the site. We have bold ambitions for our future expansion, and your feedback is paramount to our success! We want to hear from you, so send us an email at support@cafrino.com and tell us what you love or how we can make your experience at Cafrino more enjoyable.

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    Can I earn and collect more than one ticket for each poker ladder level?

    Yes. Most players play and earn multiple tickets... which allows then to play in the ladder levels they want, when they want. To do this, start over at the free level 1 and earn your way up.

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    How much do I have to have before I can cash out?

    You can cash out with any amount. Some players allow their wallet to grow before cashing out, while others cash you with each win.

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    What are Cafrino Chips and how are they different from poker chips?

    Think of Cafrino Chips as the currency you use to play in a casino. In a casino, you can play Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and Poker, with the casino chips. However, when you go to play a poker tournament in a casino, you can buy in with the casino chips and in return you receive a stack of poker starting chips (1000, 5000, etc.). You play the game with the poker chips. If you win the game, they will take your poker chips and give you casino chips, which you then use to cash out. At Cafrino, it is very similar. Some ladder tournaments (Level 3 and up) pay out Cafrino Chips in addition to tickets to higher levels. The Cafrino Chips you receive from winning ladder tournaments are our currency. You use this currency (Cafrino Chips) to buy in to cash games.

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    Why is Cafrino legal?

    Cafrino is considered legal because it's classified as a "contest," rather than a form of gambling. How is this possible? Cafrino NEVER requires a deposit from our players, and is always 100% FREE to play. When you play on Cafrino, you're not wagering your own money so technically there is no risk for the player. Our tournament prize pools come from sponsored advertisements, NOT from players. These little loopholes allow Cafrino to be classified as a contest, which is why Cafrino is 100% legal in all fifty states.