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Big poker weekend winners

Congrats to our players!

Congrats to our big weekend winners!!

All of us here at Cafrino would like to thank EVERYONE that plays with us. We are working hard to provide a great experience for all players. Congratulations to all of the winners this weekend. Here are just a few of them. Were you a part of it?

$200.00 memelan
$100.00 gooddave87
$70.00 chipohoey
$50.00 albertamann
$40.00 Mequonite
$40.00 klamath510
$35.00 MugsMolloy
$30.00 Sparkle
$20.00 mandy22
$20.00 rw2win4me
$20.00 cmr900
$20.00 Don1010
$20.00 dudedaddude
$20.00 wiley111
$20.00 7come11
$20.00 Siriusgreen
$16.00 TheProfessor
$15.00 axman757
$12.50 lala209
$10.00 michealow
$10.00 sorrytoo
$10.00 Tammy70
$10.00 rdgtwrmike
$10.00 sixeyes
$10.00 donjan3
$10.00 CaptNerve
$10.00 MrMoss

And special shout out to MrSlickATL, who wins our Level 10 Bubble Boy award (a free ticket to the next Level 10 game). Join us all week long for cash tournaments daily!

Good luck at the tables!


xo Petra