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Cafrino Poker Cracking Down on Cheaters

Here at Cafrino we take pride in the fact that we can provide a %100 legal online poker site that pays real cash prizes. And although we hate to say it, we have found a few players that have tried to abuse our system. Please understand that we take all reports of cheating, automatic or otherwise, very seriously and we are dedicated to maintaining the integrity our our service.

A few things to note:

  1. We do allow up to two players per household. However, both players will be required to prove their identity.
  2. If an account is flagged, it does not necessarily mean that we think it is connected with fraudulent activity. However, it does mean that the player should contact us to answer any questions and/or provide proof of identity.
  3. In some cases, a player may be required to provide more than just a photo ID.
  4. The investigation process is sometimes extensive. We ask for your patience during the process.
  5. If we discover fraudulent activity (or any cheating), any and all accounts in question will be banned and prior winnings will be revoked.

Please review our Terms of Service for any specific questions.

Thanks, and good luck!