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Cafrino 3-Betting Light

What is 3-betting and 3-betting light?

What is 3-betting and 3-betting light?

Given how aggressive the play is in online poker, the 3-betting light is becoming one of the most popular decisions out there. A three-bet is a re-raise that a player makes before the flop, and players either do it for value, or they do a “light” version. Let’s take a look at each of these bets and how they can help you.

Understanding 3-betting and 3-betting light

The “value” three-bet means that you think your hand is the strongest currently on the table, and you want to add to the pot while you still have the upper hand. Whether or not you should put down the three-bet has to do with a number of factors. How’s the rest of the poker table looking in terms of the dynamics of your rivals? What tendencies does your opponent show?  No matter if you’re playing a million dollar tournament or a friendly hand of free poker, you want win and hit a hand that will beat your opponent’s range. Are you playing a typical tight-aggressive player? Think about a fairly tight range then, maybe AA-Q-Q and A-K. If you’re facing a loose-aggressive player or someone who calls re-raises light? Think about a wider range. This could go A-A-99 or A-K-A-Q. If you are too tight with your three-betting range, you’re going to become predictable. Your opponents will realize that a three-bet means that you have a strong hand, and they won’t play along with you.

The “3-betting light” three-bet happens when you re-raise a pre-flop raise, even though you probably don’t have the best hand on the table, but you do see some value in the hand. When you’re doing this, it’s kind of like a bluff, without being a full bluff. You want to take the pot right away, and you’re hoping that your opponent will fold to that re-raise. So you’re looking for an opponent who is pretty loose with his initial raises. If you know that they raise light, you can return the favor, because you know that generally they’ll be folding. So you can carry the pot without even having to look at a flop.

Avoid the Patterns, Even More if you’re Playing Online

This means that you need to pay attention to the way you play and behave at the table. If your opponents see you as super tight, people aren’t going to pay you large for your strong hands. They know that you’re tight and when you come out with big guns, there must be a considerable hand in front of you. However, if you start three-betting light, that will alter the image. If you three-bet holding 7-6 and then show down a pair, you will shed that tight image quickly.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep your opponents guessing, though. Keep that range balanced so that your opponents won’t know whether you have A-A or 5-4 when you three-bet. When your opponents don’t know what you’re doing, they’re a lot more likely to make mistakes. They’ll end up calling your strong hands and folding when you didn’t even have a pair.

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Identifying Fish - Cafrino Online Poker

Identifying Fish at the Poker Table

Identifying Fish at the Poker Table

Need to know the best ways of identifying fish at the poker table? No matter what you’re playing, there is always an immense gap between the pros and the rookies. If you’ve ever watched pickup basketball at the playground and then gone home to turn on the NBA game, then you know what I’m talking about: the action goes a lot faster, the players have a lot more strength and ability and the whole tenor of the sport is different. In poker (Online and live poker), you can’t always tell right away between the sharks — and the little fish.

Where does the difference come from? Sharks put a ton of thought into every move and have a sophisticated understanding of how the game works. Have you ever watched high stakes poker online? You can see the pros raising and re-raising hands, people calling with their second pairs, just like you might see in the cheap games. However, you’re really watching pros who have played against these same opponents thousands of time. That means that they recognize their opponents’ game as well as they recognize their own. Here are some signs that you’re playing against a shark — or against a fish.

Marking Detail

Fish pay way too much attention to their own details when you sit at a poker table. What do they have? What do they need? The sharks aren’t looking at themselves; they’re looking at everyone else. Even after they have folded, they keep an eye on everyone else and they watch every bit of the action. Even if they don’t seem to be paying attention, they are soaking up as much data as they can.

Fish don’t notice things like your reaction to turn raises, or how often that you bet out with a big hand. You can get away with the same tricks over and over against them because they just aren’t paying attention. Take a look at their eyes: they will be on their own hands the vast majority of the time. The sharks, on the other hand, are looking at you.

Fish get “Emo”

No matter whether they have a royal flush or a pile of junk, sharks know how to behave. They know that overreacting is a bad poker strategy. They always look calmed and keep the same facial expression. Fish, on the other hand, often have visible reactions depending on what they pick up. If they win a hand, even if they are playing a friendly session of free online poker, they act like they’ve never raked in a pot before. You can use these reactions to gauge which players are the most vulnerable to your strategies — and the least likely to spot your mistakes.

Fish don’t balance their ranges

Sharks know that they should not make the same move all the time. Fish tend to make the same play over and over once it works. If you don’t want people to recognize that you’re a fish, you have to play so that your opponents will have no idea what you have. Do you check-raise the flop with a huge hand? Then you have to show you will do that as a semi-bluff, or even a bluff. Keep altering your play, or you’ll be caught on a big hook and end up watching your poker bankroll disappear.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables at Cafrino and get all the practice you need while winning real cash. Good luck!

New York Online Poker

2016 Online Poker Legalization in New York?

It hasn’t been California or Pennsylvania grabbing the most attention on the online poker front this month. The state of New York, which has flirted with regulating the online card game for a few years now, appears poised for a real run in 2016.

There is already stand-alone online poker legislation on the table, and the proposal is also part of a possible budget deal. The state’s current urgency with regards to daily fantasy sports legislation could speed up the process of getting online poker approved, whether on its own or in an omnibus measure. Both DFS and poker stand to benefit from being skill-based games.

New York authorized a few new brick-and-mortar casinos in order to help struggling upstate economies, and it was said at an online poker hearing last year that bringing the card game to the Internet likely wouldn’t happen until the new casinos are built. However, that might not be the case anymore. According to a report from GamblingCompliance, one of the online poker proponents in the Empire State’s legislature said there might be motivation to get it done this year.

Assembly Member Gary Pretlow, Chairman of the New York Assembly Racing and Wagering Committee, told GamblingCompliance: “If I can get assurances that the brick-and-mortar operations are all a part of it, then we will probably move the bill this year.”

Another indicator that New York might be ready to regulate an online casino game is the fact that on Tuesday the State Assembly passed a bill legalizing mixed martial arts, which is expected to be signed by the governor. New York would be the last state in the country to legalize MMA. AsThe New York Times pointed out, the state is warming to activities that it once viewed as illicit.

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Legal online poker

The only 100% U.S. legal online poker

The only 100% U.S. legal online poker

Cafrino (pronounced kuhfree-noh) is considered legal because it’s classified as a “contest,” rather than a form of gambling. How is this possible while providing REAL CASH prizes? Cafrino NEVER requires a deposit from our players, and is always 100% FREE to play. When you play on Cafrino, you’re not wagering your own money so technically there is no risk for the player. Our tournament prize pools come from sponsored advertisements, NOT from players. These little loopholes allow Cafrino to be classified as a contest, which is why Cafrino is 100% legal in all fifty states… and the ONLY one of it’s kind.

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Big poker weekend winners

Congratulations Weekend Winners!

Congratulations to our weekend poker winners!!

All of us here at Cafrino would like to thank EVERYONE that plays with us. We are working hard to provide a great experience for all players. Congratulations to all of the winners this weekend. Here are just a few of them. Were you a part of it?

$200.00 highlife7772000
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$70.00 Travler
$50.00 dynasti
$40.00 dcolts1962
$40.00 CP8073
$35.00 Paul13903
$30.00 Rookieboy1
$20.00 Arrowslinger
$20.00 guesswhosgotit72
$20.00 kanupasa
$20.00 RobotDr
$20.00 Don1010
$20.00 cj197996
$20.00 flush69
$20.00 CheyenneBodie
$16.00 DaJoshy
$15.00 shelter
$12.50 eazy52
$10.00 Moonma49
$10.00 AliceTaylor
$10.00 Duncan201010
$10.00 dainjoker
$10.00 norburt
$10.00 elbandito
$10.00 TJPackman
$10.00 jesusjoe

And special shout out to pick1123, who wins our Level 10 Bubble Boy award (a free ticket to the next Level 10 game). Join us all week long for cash tournaments daily!

Good luck at the tables!

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Basics for Successful Double Barreling

What exactly is double barreling in poker games? Consider this example. You put down a continuation bet on the flop, but then your opponent was aggressive enough to call you on it. Now you are looking at a turn card you don’t want and thinking about what to do. If you “double barrel,” you’re putting another continuation bet down on the turn. It’s hard to pull off and it makes you add more money to what you’ve already risked, so it’s important to know that you really want to do this.

Before I get into the fundamentals of the double barrel, though, look back at the continuation bet. A lot of online poker players get into this situation because they didn’t make a good continuation bet in the first place. If you’re just throwing continuation bets out there looking for a good outcome, what do you think will happen? So before you start making continuation bets, learn how to make them the right way – and then you won’t have to double barrel as often.

So how do you double barrel the right way?

First of all, don’t waste your time barreling a calling station. If you like giving people your money, that’s one thing, but if you keep bluffing people who don’t ever fold, you are just burning money.

If you are aware that your opponent enjoys floating flops, that is helpful. If you know that he doesn’t go past the flop much unless he has a premium hand, that’s also useful. Does he like showdowns? That’s useful too. What can you gain from this? The more you know about your opponents, the more chances you’ll have to win real cash, but first you need to know when to use the double barrel strategy.

If you do double barrel, you’re using the second bet as a semi-bluff or a total bluff to get the pot right at that point in the game. You should ideally have a hand that could win if you got the right card in the river, which means you should have at least a modicum of equity in that hand. That way, if the double barrel fails to drive the opposition from the game, you have the possibility of coming back with something good.

Most of the time, you’ll have an AK or KQ sort of hand when you put down a continuation bet on the flop. If you’re going to double barrel, you need at least one of those cards around. Any less equity, and you should already be folding instead of playing the continuation game in the first place.

So when should you double barrel? When the turn has given you an overcard to the flop. Examples: Flop Q73 – Turn K. Flop J62 Turn Q. Flop 947 Turn K.

These match nicely with your perceived range but are dangerous for your opponent. This means that the opponent may have called the continuation bet with middle or top pair, so the overcard makes them nervous. The opponent will only likely call a double barrel if he has a premium hand – which will be bad for you, but it’s rare enough to make the double barrel the right idea.

Ready to put your skills on the line? You can practice as much as you need on the free online poker tables and get all the practice you need before making the transition to legal online poker sites.

Big poker weekend winners

Legal Online Poker Pays Off!

Congrats to our big weekend winners!!

We had a great weekend at Cafrino. Were you a part of it?

$200.00 haljen
$100.00 kaminmn
$70.00 ooch44
$50.00 rockesq
$40.00 jabrad
$40.00 poollady
$35.00 Siriusgreen
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$30.00 TommyGe
$20.00 merouno13
$20.00 Novathree
$20.00 memelan
$20.00 xLranaBobbittx
$20.00 NanaJohn
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$20.00 vanni9283
$16.00 eztrekker
$15.00 shelter
$12.50 jimmythegreek209
$10.00 8srbetr
$10.00 TossUpKing
$10.00 flipflop
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And special shout out to michealow, who wins our Level 10 Bubble Boy award (a free ticket to the next Level 10 game).Join us all week long for cash tournaments daily!