Welcome to Cafrino, the completely free-to-play online poker website where we award real cash prizes. This page is dedicated to tips directly from our players. Need more information? Post on our facebook page and our players will be happy to help.

How to accumulate many more Cafrino Chips:

Start at level 1 and build up your level 2 tickets to about 10-20. It doesn’t take that long to do. Then play all your level 2 games, and chances are you will have more than a few level 3 tickets. Keep doing that and you will build a safety net that will carry you to the top! – RattMeed

Play the ladder, and if you get to 9 and you’re heads up, intentionally lose and stack up the points–you’ll still be at level 9. Then keep doing it. Oh, eventually you’ll want to win and get to level 10. – theBlock

Every time you come to site just sit at a ladder table and play side by side ladder and tourneys at same time and you’ll just keep adding chips. I have about 10,000 chips why waste time when u can b earning chips… easy… n good practice! – lorikristen

Try to get get to at least level 6 on the ladders and try to finish in the the top 2, you either advance or collect 2nd place points and stay on the same level, I’ve only been as high as 7 but I’ve accumulated over 4000 chips and every time you happen to be online check in with Cafrino and get your 5 chips and always follow you Cafrino post because they give chips away occasionally. – mikeee

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