A message from the CEO

First, let me thank you all for playing on Cafrino. We appreciate every one of our players. We try to make that point clear in all communications, whether it’s social media (Facebook and Twitter) or customer service and support. Our goal is to bring a completely legal version of the real-money online poker experience to players across the United States. And although that is much easier said than done, we are working diligently. This is the reason that Cafrino is still in “beta”. During this time, you may continue to experience issues from time to time. And although it is still in beta, we try very hard to make it up to players if and when they run into issues.


What you can expect from Cafrino during beta:

  • A completely free and legal version of online poker
  • A fun and friendly experience (abuse is not tolerated)
  • Real cash prizes, paid quickly
  • A support team that will try hard to make things right, if they go wrong (loss of chips/tickets, due to issues, etc.)
  • A product team that is working hard to create a fun and enjoyable experience, even with the negatives expected during beta


Some negative aspects of a product that is in beta:

  • Product instability (freezing, outages, and other bugs and/or issues)
  • Lack of, or limited, features (we have a long, long list of things we will be adding/changing)
  • Lower than usual tournament prizes, or tournaments that change from time to time (we hope to have MUCH more soon)
  • Lower than usual player volumes (you may have to wait for players sometimes)
  • Less-than-perfect advertisement experience (these do pay the bills right now, but adjustments will be made)


What Cafrino expects from its players during beta:

  • Respect for other poker players (abuse is not tolerated)
  • Respect for the Cafrino team (abuse is not tolerated)
  • Reporting of bugs, outages, or issues to the support team
  • Response so any inquiries from the support team, including system information and/or details about the experience
  • Continued patience and understanding during the beta process


With that said, we are working hard on a daily basis to achieve our goals. We expect the beta version of the product will remain for at least a few more months (we do want to make sure it’s completely stable and bug free when we launch). We hope you’ll continue to play, provide feedback, and be patient and understanding of the situation. We think we have a great group of players, and we appreciate every one of them.

I wish you all the best of luck at that tables. I don’t play much, but I do watch often. If you run into any issues, please contact our support team.

Thanks again, and good luck!


Michael Murphy
Chief Executive Officer

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